Wyoming Highway 196, WYO 191/WYO 192 to I-25 Bus/US-87 Bus


AMP: 254

Location: WYO 196 and Mayoworth Rd, Johnson Cty

Reassurance shield for WYO 196 after the 191/192 junction as we head out of Kaycee. This route runs parallel to I-25, carrying old US-87, all the way to Buffalo. This segment is actually semi-scenic

AMP: 265

Location: WYO 196 and Reno Rd, Johnson Cty

We’ll cross under I-25 without interchange, now putting us on the west side of the freeway. Turn right to follow a dirt county road the mile or so to I-25

AMP: 274

Location: WYO 196 and Crazy Woman Creek Rd, Johnson Cty

Randomly located reassurance shield, presumably to remind us what route we’re on

AMP: 280

Location: WYO 196 and Middle Fork Rd, Johnson Cty

Turn right to follow Middle Fork Road to I-25

AMP: 290

Location: I-25 and Buffalo-Sussex Rd, Johnson Cty

Turn right to follow a backroad to I-25 and the village of Sussex, located off WYO 192 east of Kaycee

AMP: 299

Location: WYO 196 and Main St, Buffalo

A few miles later and we’ll hit the I-25/US-87 business loop on the extreme southern edge of Buffalo. Turn left to follow the business loops north into town, turn right to follow the business loops south to I-25, serving I-90. WYO 196 ends here as old 87 follows the northbound business loop

S to I-25/US-87

S to I-25/US-87/US-87 Bus, N to US-16

S to I-25/I-25 Bus/US-87, N to US-16

W to I-25/US-87

E to WYO 387