Wyoming Highway 330, I-90 Bus/US-87/US-14 Bus/WYO 336 to Sheridan CR 74


AMP: 0

Location: 5th St and Main St, Sheridan

Reassurance shield at the beginning of WYO 330, a quick spur to the western Sheridan city limits

AMP: 2

Location: 5th St and Wyoland Dr, Sheridan

Turn right for CR 80

AMP: 3

Location: 5th St and Soldier Creek Rd, Sheridan

WYO 330 ends at the western Sheridan City Limits, where the road turns into CR 74/Soldier Creek Rd

E to WYO 331, W to WYO 337

S to WYO 331, N to WYO 337

W to WYO 337, E to WYO 331

E to I-90/US-14