Wyoming Highway 338, WYO 339 to MT-314/MT State Line


AMP: 4

Location: WYO 338 and WYO 339, Sheridan Cty

Reassurance shield after the 339 junction as 338 makes its way another 11 miles towards Montana

AMP: 7

Location: WYO 338 and Beatty Spur Rd, Sheridan Cty

Turn right for CR 108

AMP: 9

Location: WYO 338 and Youngs Creek Rd, Sheridan Cty

Turn left for CR 1237

AMP: 15

Location: WYO 339 and MT-314, Sheridan Cty

A few miles later and we’ll enter Montana

Location: MT-314 and WYO 338, Sheridan Cty

WYO 338 ends and MT Secondary 314 begins. 314 heads north to US-212 near Busby

S to I-90 Bus/US-87/US-14 Bus

N to MT-566

W to I-90/US-14/US-87