Wyoming Highway 339, WYO 338 to I-90/US-14/US-87


AMP: 0

Location: WYO 339 and WYO 338, Sheridan Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of Wyoming 339, a quick connector from 338 to I-90

AMP: 1

Location: WYO 339 and I-90, Sheridan Cty

We’ll drive a mile up a hill and come to an unmarked junction with I-90. Turn right for I-90/US-14 West and US-87 North towards Billings, MT. Stay straight and turn left for I-90/US-14 East and US-87 South towards Sheridan.

E to I-90 Bus/US-87/US-14 Bus, W to WYO 345

W to WYO 345, E to I-90 Bus/US-87/US-14 Bus

S to I-90/I-90 Bus/US-14/US-14 Bus, N to WYO 345

N to MT-314/MT State Line, S to I-90 Bus/US-87/US-14 Bus