Wyoming Highway 430, WYO 376 to CO State Line


AMP: 0

Location: Marchant St and New Hampshire St, Rock Springs

Immediately after 430 branches off from 376, it will turn right to head south along its main alignment. Before 376 existed, WYO 376 continued to the right north to I-80 Business.

AMP: 0

Location: WYO 430 and Marchant St, Rock Springs

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the main part of the route as we head towards the Simplot fertilizer plant and the Colorado line

AMP: 16

Location: WYO 430 and CR 26, Sweetwater Cty

Turn left for county road 26, which heads towards CR 24, which heads northeast to I-80 well east of Rock Springs

AMP: 27

Location: WYO 430 and CR 30, Sweetwater Cty

Random reassurance shield after an unimportant county road- Wyoming does like to place reassurance shields every 20 miles or so on desolate roads like this one

AMP: 55

Location: WYO 430 and Moffat CR 10N, Sweetwater Cty

A few miles later and WYO 430 will end at a dirt road, Moffat CR 10N. We’ll get a LEAVING WYOMING sign, this one decorated with bucking horses, but no entering Colorado sign. Moffat CR 10N is a well constructed and easy to drive dirt road that heads about 27 miles down to Colorado SH 318

E to I-80 Bus/US-30 Bus, W to I-80 Bus/US-30 Bus