U.S. Route 6, CO-58/CO-93 to CO-119


Location: US-6 and SH-58, Jefferson Cty

Reassurance shield after the 58/93 junction as we head out of Golden. we’ll enter a narrow, highly trafficked 40 MPH canyon where everyone speeds and the cops run rampant.

Location: US-6 and SH-119, Jefferson Cty

Junction SH-119 coming up a few miles later

Location: US-6 and SH-119, Gilpin Cty

Turn left to stay on US-6 towards Idaho Springs and immediately enter Clear Creek Cty. Stay straight for SH-119, a long route that heads north towards the Black Hawk/Central City tourist areas, up to Nederland, down to Boulder, and over to Longmont via  a vary diverse driving experience.

W to US-40, E to CO-470

N to CO-46

E to I-70

N to CO-72