U.S. Route 6, CO-14 to CO-63


Location: 4th St and Main St, Sterling

Reassurance shield after the SH-14 junction

Location: 4th St and Division Ave, Sterling

Because Sterling’s grid isn’t very square, US-6 has to take a fairly circuitous path out of town. For now, we’ll turn left onto Division Avenue

Location: Division Ave and Front St, Sterling

Bear right to head out of town on US-6

Location: US-6 and Front St, Sterling

Reassurance shield as we head out of the main part of Sterling

Location: US-6 and Iris Dr, Sterling

As we start to head out of Sterling, a relic business loop sign appears (we’ll see a lot of these). We’re along the recently decommissioned Sterling-Atwood-Merino-Hilldale-Brush-Fort Morgan business loop that was insanely long and also pointless.  As we head out of Sterling, the road widens to a pre I-76 divided highway that carries US-6 to Atwood

Location: US-6 and Chambers Dr, Logan Cty

As we head out of Sterling we’re told that following US-6 to SH-63 is a perfectly logical way to get to I-76 West. There is access to I-76 east from Atwood, but faster at this point to turn around and go back through Sterling

Location: Front Ave and 7th St, Atwood

Several miles later we’ll enter Atwood and the divided highway will end. The road stays at 4 lanes, however.

Location: Front St and SH-63, Atwood

We’ll approach a junction with SH-63

Location: Front St and SH-63, Atwood
Follow SH-63 South to get to I-76 West. You can also get to I-76 East, but given the quality of US-6 and the fact that it’s a couple miles to the interstate, it’s probably still faster to drive back to Sterling

Location: Front St and SH-63, Atwood

Turn left for SH-63, which heads to I-76 and Akron

W to I-76/US-34 Spur, E to US-138

S to I-76

W to CO-71