U.S. Route 6, US-138 to CO-14


Location: Chestnut St and 3rd St, Sterling

In a second we’ll have to turn left to stay on US-6 West to properly follow the one way couplet

Location: Chestnut St and 4th St, Sterling

Turn left for US-6 West…and stay straight for SH-14? I’m not quite sure how that would work and can only assume that’s an error. Staying straight would allow one to parallel SH-14 on a neighborhood street, but there’s no clear route down to it. Maybe that’s an old alignment of it or something- but the way SH-14 is now that’s a really stupid way to go

Location: 4th St and Poplar St, Sterling

A couple blocks later and we’ll come to a junction with SH-14

Location: 4th St and Main St, Sterling

Turn left to u-turn back onto 6 East to head back towards I-76

Location: 4th St and Main St, Sterling

Or turn right on Main St for SH-14, which heads towards FoCo. Follow US-6 West towards Atwood.

W to CO-63, E to I-76

W to CO-71

E to CO-113