U.S. Route 6, I-76 to US-138


Location: US-6 and I-76, Logan Cty

US-6 crosses I-76 and becomes the main feeder route for SH-14 and US-138 as we head into Sterling

Location: US-6 and CR 370, Logan Cty

Reassurance shield after the CR 370 junction as we make our way towards Sterling

Location: Chestnut St and Edwards Ave, Sterling

As we enter Sterling, we’re reminded to stay on US-6 to get to SH-14 and US-138

Location: Chestnut St and El Camino St, Sterling

Stay straight to follow US-6 over the railroad tracks, or exit for Front St

Location: Chestnut St and 3rd St, Sterling

As we cross the railroad tracks we’ll be notified of the upcoming junction with US-138, which he’ll hit at the bottom of this viaduct

Location: Chestnut St and 3rd St, Sterling

Follow US-138 East towards Julesburg and, more significantly, Sidney Neb. Follow US-6 West towards Brush. This sign seems to predate the construction of I-76, since you wouldn’t use US-6 or US-138 to get to Brush or Julesburg these days

Location: Chestnut St and 3rd St, Sterling

Turn right for US-138- not TO it as we’re already there. This is the western terminus of the short US route that just heads up to Big Spring Neb. Follow US-6 West to get to SH-14, though.

W to CO-14, E to CO-61

E to CO-113

W to CO-63, E to CO-55