Colorado State Highway 119, US-6 to CO-46


Location: SH-119 and US-6, Gilpin Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of SH-119- a very diverse route that passes through many miles of mountains as a narrow, windy mountain road before descending into Boulder and becoming a major expressway through the area

Location: SH-119 and Main St, Black Hawk

A few miles into its route, SH-119 will enter Black Hawk, home of a bunch of casinos. It is a pretty fancy tourist destination

Location: SH-119 and Nevada St, Black Hawk

On the north end of Black Hawk, we’ll come to a junction with old SH-279, which heads to Central City. Central City is the original mining town in this area, while Black Hawk is the casino’d tourist area

Location: SH-119 and SH-46, Gilpin Cty

A few miles later and we’ll come to a junction with SH-46, a spur over to Golden Gate State Park. There’s no additional signage pertaining to SH-46.

N to CO-72

E to Golden Gate Canyon State Park

W to US-40, E to CO-58/CO-93