U.S. Route 36, I-70 Bus/US-40/US-287 to I-225


Location: I-70 and Colfax Ave, Aurora

1.75 miles to I-225 after the Colfax Avenue interchange

Location: I-70 and Tower Rd, Aurora

Reassurance shield after the Tower Rd interchange as we approach Pena Blvd, the DIA Freeway

Location: I-70 and Pena Blvd, Aurora

1.25 miles to I-225, the southeastern innerbelt for Denver Metro as we pass Pena Blvd

Location: I-70 and Chambers Rd, Aurora

1 mile to I-225 as we approach Chambers Rd

Location: I-70 and I-225, Aurora

1/2 mile to I-225, 5 miles to I-270. 270 is the northeastern portion of the Denver innerbelt

Location: I-70 and I-225, Aurora

Stay in the right lanes for I-225 South

Location: I-70 and I-225, Aurora

Exit for I-225 South

W to I-70/I-270, E to E-470

W to I-270/US-36, E to E-470

S to I-70 Bus/US-40/US-287

W to I-225

W to I-225, E to E-470

S to E-470, N to I-225