U.S. Route 36, US-385 to CO-59


Location: US-36 and US-385, Yuma Cty

Reassurance shield after the US-385 split

Location: US-36 and 6th St, Yuma Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of the tiny town of Idalia

Location: US-36 and CR T, Yuma Cty

Reassurance shield after a random county road. Sunflowers make this drive slightly interesting in the summer. Thanks, Kansas.

Location: US-36 and CR M, Yuma Cty

Another random reassurance shield after a paved county road that heads down to I-70

Location: US-36 and CR K, Yuma Cty

Another reassurance shield as we near Joes

Location: US-36 and CR H, Joes, Yuma Cty

Welcome to Joes! Joes never quite developed as expected- it’s unincorporated and the road didn’t really end up needing to be widened to four lanes

Location: US-36 and SH-59, Yuma Cty

Junction SH-59 coming up

Location: US-36 and SH-59, Yuma Cty

Turn right for SH-59 north towards Yuma and Haxtun (it’s misspelled on the sign). SH-59 south will technically follow US-36, but it’s an unmarked concurrency and doesn’t really exist

W to CO-59, E to US-385

N to US-34

N to US-36, S to I-70 Bus/US-24