U.S. Route 40, CO-71 to US-24/US-24 Spur


Location: Main St and US-24, Limon

And we’ll quickly come up on a junction with US-24 and US-24 Spur. US-24 will split and head towards Colorado Springs, and US-24 Spur will appear and join I-70 Business/US-40/US-287 towards I-70 and Denver. 24 Spur is not marked from this direction and is designated as TO US-24 from the other. It’s a completely superfluous designation and probably shouldn’t exist, but there it is.

W to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-24 Spur, E to CO-71

W to I-70/US-40/US-287/US-24 Spur, E to CO-71

W to CO-94, E to CO-71

 S to CO-71N to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-24 Spur

W to CO-94, E to CO-71

E to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-40/US-287

 N to I-70 Bus/US-24/US-40/US-287S to CO-94