U.S. Route 40, CO-94 to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-24


Location: US-40 and SH-94, Cheyenne Cty

Reassurance shield after the SH-94 junction as we enter the home stretch to Limon

Location: US-40 at the Lincoln County Line, Lincoln Cty
Reassurance shield as we enter Lincoln Cty

Location: US-40 and CR 43, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield after a random county road

Location: US-40 and 9th Ave, Hugo

Several miles later and we’ll enter the town of Hugo, county seat for Lincoln County and the biggest town US-40 has entered thus far in Colorado

Location: Main St and 3rd Ave, Hugo

Reassurance shield as we pass through Hugo

Location: Main St and 1st Ave, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Hugo. 13 miles to I-70

Location: US-40 and I-70, Lincoln Cty

13 miles later and we’ll come to a junction with Interstate 70

Location: US-40 and I-70, Cheyenne Cty

Turn right for I-70/unsigned US-24 East ,which heads towards Kansas. Stay straight for I-70 West

Location: US-40 and I-70, Lincoln Cty

Turn left for I-70 West towards Denver. I-70 Business will begin here, and US-24 West will join the route as well to head into Limon.

W to I-70, E to CO-59

S to CO-59, N to I-70

W to I-70 Bus/US-24/US-40/US-287, E to US-24/Co-59

W to I-70

W to I-70, E to I-70/CO-59

 W to CO-71