U.S. Route 40, US-287 to CO-59


Last Driven November 2013

Location: US-40 and US-287, Cheyenne Cty

Reassurance shield as the two routes join, with US-40 on a 3di blank.

Location: US-40 and Young St, Kit Carson

Just after the two routes merge, we’ll enter the small town of Kit Carson

Location: US-40 and SH-59, Kit Carson

As we approach SH-59, we’re advised to follow 59 north to Seibert and stay on 40/287 for Limon.

(Historic Photo: February 2010)

Location: US-40 and CO-59, Kit Carson

On the west end of Kit Carson, we’ll come to a junction with SH-59. 59 doesn’t really go anywhere so it isn’t marked in advance. From here it heads up towards I-70 at Seibert, and then takes a zig-zaggy path all the way up to Sedgwick, just south of the Nebraska line without passing through anything significant

W to CO-94, E to US-385

S to CO-96, N to CO-94

N to I-70/US-24

S to CO-96, N to CO-59