U.S. Route 85, WYO 270 to US-18


AMP: 171

Location: US-18 and WYO 270, Niobrara Cty

Reassurance shield after the WYO 270 junction

AMP: 174

Location: US-18 and Buck Creek Rd, Niobrara Cty

Turn left for Buck Creek Rd/CR 7

AMP: 176

Location: WYO 270 and Hanson Rd, Niobrara Cty

Left for CR 13/Hanson Rd

AMP: 180

Location: US-18 and Wasserburger Rd, Niobrara Cty

Left for CR 11/Wasserburger Rd

AMP: 185

Location: US-85 and Old 85, Niobrara Cty

Turn right for Old 85/CR 9, an old alignment of US-85 that heads all the way to Sundance on its own. I’ll drive it someday.

AMP: 196

Location: US-18 and US-85, Niobrara Cty

As is customary there is no advance shield signage for the route split, but there wasn’t a ROUTES DIVIDE sign like there normally is. Visibility is insanely good here though, so it’s not going to sneak up on you.

N to US-16, S to US-20

E to SD State Line, W to US-20

E to SD State Line, W to WYO 270

S to WYO 272