Wyoming Highway 252, WYO 251 to WYO 258


AMP: 0

Location: Garden Creek Rd and Casper Mountain Rd, Natrona Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of Wyoming 252, a quick state highway that heads from WYO 251 to the Casper Belt Route/WYO 258, serving the Garden Creek area

AMP: 3

Location: Garden Creek Rd and Wyoming Blvd, Natrona Cty

Junction Wyoming 258 coming up

AMP: 4

Location: S Poplar St and Wyoming Blvd, Casper

As we enter Casper, we’ll come to a junction with WYO 258. Turn left for 258 west towards WYO 220 and right for 258 east towards I-25 South

W to WYO 220, E to WYO 251

S to Casper Mountain, N to WYO 258