Wyoming Highway 28, WYO 372 to US-191


AMP: 100

Location; WYO 28 and WYO 372, Sweetwater Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of WYO 28, which connects Salt Lake and southwestern Wyoming to the Wind River Valley

AMP: 127

Location: WYO 28 and US-191, Sweetwater Cty

Junction US-191 coming up in just half a mile

AMP: 128

Location: WYO 28 and US-191, Farson, Sweetwater Cty

Stay straight to continue on WYO 28 towards Lander, turn right for US-191 South towards Rock Springs and left for US-191 North towards Pinedale. WYO 28′s mileposts will reset to 0.

E to US-287/WYO 789

N to WYO 351, S to I-80/US-30

N to US-189, S to WYO 374