U.S. Route 30, NE-L40C to US-281/NE-2


Location: Front St and L-40C, Alda

Welcome to Alda!

Location: Front St and Mulberry St, Alda

Reassurance shield after the Link 40C junction as we head out of Alda

Location: US-30 and Kent Ave, Grand Island

A few miles later, we enter Grand Island, the largest city US-30 will pass through in Nebraska

Location: US-30 and Old US-30, Grand Island
Bear left to stay on US-30. An old alignment of 30 continued straight towards downtown. New 30 will bypass downtown to the north

Location: US-30 and US-281, Grand Island

Junction US-281 and Nebraska 2 coming up in half a mile, which combine to form an expressway through Grand Island

Location: US-30 and US-281, Grand Island

Exit to get on 281/2. 281 south/2 east will head down towards Hastings and I-80, and 281 north/2 west will head up towards St Paul

Location: US-30 and US-281, Grand Island

Signage at the split. US-30 will leave the I-80 corridor, and US-34 will take over from here to Lincoln. 281/2 will hit US-34 just a little bit south of here. I’m not quite sure why this connecting ramp is not a designated Link highway, but whatever.

E to NE-14, W to NE-11

N to NE-2, S to US-34/NE-2

E to US-34/US-281, W to US-281

S to I-80