Oregon Route 213, US-26 to I-205/OR 224

AMP: Cascade Hwy N #68/4

Location: 82nd Ave and Powell Blvd, Portland

Reassurance shield after US-26/Powell Blvd.

AMP: 5

Location: 82nd Ave and Foster Rd, Portland

A few blocks later, follow Foster Rd to I-205.

AMP: 6

Location: 82nd Ave and Lambert St, Portland

Reassurance shield a few blocks later as we head out of Portland city.

AMP: 7

Location: 82nd Ave and Johnson Creek Blvd, Clackamas Cty

As we enter Clackamas County, follow Johnson Creek Blvd back to I-205.

AMP: 9

Location: 82nd Ave and Sunnyside Rd, Clackamas Cty

Follow Sunnyside Rd to I-205, too!

AMP: 9

Location: 82nd Ave and Sunnybrook Rd, Clackamas Cty

Just after that, though, the road will widen out to an expressway as we approach OR 224.

AMP: 9

Location: 82nd Ave and Sunnybrook Dr, Clackamas Cty

As we approach OR 224, OR 213 will merge onto I-205 south.

AMP: 10

Location: 82nd Ave and OR 224, Clackamas Cty

Exit for OR 224, which runs as an expressway through this area.

AMP: 10

Location: OR 213 and I-205, Clackamas

Stay straight to merge onto I-205 south. There is no access to 205 north.

 S to OR 212, N to I-84/US-30

 S to OR 212N to US-26

 W to OR 99EE to OR 212

 E to I-205W to OR 99E