U.S. Route 30, I-5/I-405 to I-5/I-84

MP: Pacific Hwy #1/302.57

Location: I-5 and NE Broadway St, Portland

US-30 is only on I-5 for a short while. It will exit onto I-84 in 3/4 of a mile

MP: 302.11

Location: I-5 and I-84, Portland

Keep right for I-84 east/US-30 east

MP: 301.97

Location: I-5 and I-84, Portland

I-84 exits, takes US-30 with it. This is the western terminus of I-84 which heads southeast to Echo, Utah at I-80, serving to connect Boise, Salt Lake, Portland, and Seattle (via I-82)

 E to OR 99E, W to I-405

N to US-30 BypS to I-405/US-26/OR 43

N to I-405/US-30, S to I-405/US-26/OR 43

 E to OR 99E

 N to US-30 Byp, S to I-84/US-30

 S to US-30