Interstate 84, OR 213 to I-205


Last Driven October 2018

(Historic Photo: December 2008)

MP: 5.21

Location: I-84 and NE 82nd St, Portland

1/4 mile to I-205 south, and then I-84 runs parallel to I-205 for 1 mile, and where it crosses over you can jump on I-205 north. There is an interchange in the middle of this parallel running so they are treated as two separate junctions

(Historic Photo: December 2008)

MP: 5.45

Location: I-84 and I-205, Portland

Exit for I-205 south, stay on I-84 for a mile to get to I-205 north

E to I-205, W to I-5/US-30

E to I-205, W to I-5/I-84

 S to US-26N to I-84/US-30

 S to US-26N to US-30 Byp