State Route 20, SR 211 to US-2


MP: 421.54

Location: SR 20 and SR 211, Usk, Pend Oreille Cty

Reassurance shield with no direction but wit the International Selkirk Loop designation. The International Selkirk Loop forms a 280 mile scenic drive through Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia

MP: 436.39

Location: SR 20 and Lilac Ln, Newport

Junction US-2 coming up in half a mile just blocks from the Idaho state line. This will be the end of SR 20, Washington’s longest state route

MP: 436.83

Location: Walnut St and Washington Ave, Newport

Turn right for 2 west back towards Spokane, stay straight to head a couple blocks east on US-2 into Old Town, Idaho and destinations beyond

W to SR 31

E to SR 41/ID-41/ID State Line, W to SR 211

S to US-2