State Route 20, SR 31 to SR 211


MP: 390.45

Location: SR 20 and SR 31, Tiger, Pend Oreille Cty

Reassurance shield after the SR 31 junction. SR 20 heads due south from here to SR 211

MP: 390.72

Location: SR 20 and Dury Rd, Pend Oreille Cty

30 miles to SR 211 which serves as the fastest route to get to Spokane as a bypass of Newport

MP: 400

Location: SR 20 and Ruby Creek Rd, Pend Oreille Cty

Hooray for t he only MP 400 in the state!

MP: 406.23

Location: SR 20, Pend Oreille Cty

The incredibly annoying reassurance shield nowhere near an intersection which makes it take like 15 minutes to find its milepost retroactively. Note the International Selkirk Loop shield underneath

MP: 413.33

Location: SR 20 and Locke Cutoff Rd, Pend Oreille Cty

Reassurance shield as we travel along the Pend Oreille River

MP: 419.06

Location: SR 20 and Winchester St, Cusick

Directionless reassurance shield as we head out of the tiny town of Cusick

MP: 420.84

Location: SR 20 and SR 211, Usk, Pend Oreille Cty

Junction SR 211 coming up which connects SR 20/SR 31 north of Usk with Spokane without having to go through Newport. Not sure why Newport is mentioned since you stay straight for 20 east to Newport and this sort of implies you turn to get to Newport

MP: 421.36

Location: SR 20 and SR 211, Usk, Pend Oreille Cty

Turn right for SR 211 south

E to US-2, W to US-395

S to US-2

N to BC-6/BC International Boundary