State Route 20, SR 25 to US-395


MP: US-395/238.92

Location: W 3rd Ave and SR 25, Kettle Falls

Reassurance shield for both routes. SR 20 is signed on these shields, but not on any BGS assemblies at approaching intersections

MP: 237.73

Location: US-395 and Meyers St, Kettle Falls

Reassurance shield as we leave Kettle Falls

MP: US-395/231.54

Locaiton: US-395 and Williams Lake Rd, Colville

Reassurance shield as we enter Colville

MP: US-395/230.12

Location: US-395 and Railroad St, Colville

As we enter Colville we hit a roundabout with the newly created intersection with Railroad St. Stay straight to stay on the highway through the rotary- SR 20 is unmarked here

MP: US-395/230.08

Location: US-395 and Railroad St, Colville

OMG ERRONEOUS SIGNAGE. That should either be a  US route shield or read “East” and “20″ . Immediately outside a DOT office too if you  look at the wooden sign on the left. Sad, really.

MP: US-395/230.03

Location: W 5th Ave and Lincoln St, Colville

SR 20 will split from US-395 in half a mile

MP: US-395/229.64

Location: N Main St and E 3rd Ave, Colville

Turn left for SR 20 west, stay straight for US-395 south. SR 20 is finally done running concurrent with roadways for the remainder of its eastward trek across the state

E to SR 31, W to US-395

N to SR 20, S to SR 231

N to SR 25, S to SR 231

S to US-2, N to BC-22/BC International Boundary