State Route 21, SR 20 to BC-41/BC International Boundary


MP: 162.7

Location: SR 21 and SR 20, Ferry Cty

Reassurance shield after the split. Also note the outdated Border Crossing Information sign. SR 25 is now open for 24 hour crossing, so you don’t have to go clear east to US-95 at Eastport ID to cross the border

MP: 165.39

Location: SR 21 and Fish Hatchery Rd, Ferry Cty

Reassurance shield after Fish Hatchery Rd

MP: 175.18

Location: SR 21 and St Peters Creek Rd, Malo, Ferry Cty

Reassurance shield after we pass the settlement of Malo

MP: 180.87

Location: SR 21 and Boulder Creek Rd, Ferry Cty

Turn right to head down Boulder Creek Rd to the town of Curlew and eventually US-395

MP: 190.8

Location: SR 21 and Wall St, Danville, Ferry Cty

Final reassurance shield less than a mile from the border as we enter the settlement of Danville

S to SR 20

N to BC-3

E to US-395, W to SR 21