State Route 21, Wilbur Ferry Terminal to Keller Ferry Terminal


Just like the ferries in Western Washington, the Keller ferry run doesn’t have mileposts, so just enjoy the photos

The Keller ferry dock. The ferry, the 1948 Martha S. is in the background. WSDOT wants to replace her at a cost of $16 million but that seems awfully expensive for a remote route (I would be the only car on the ferry across the river, the two on there would be the only two on the ferry coming southbound)

A zoomed in picture of the Martha S. She’s operated by two people, a captain and a deckhand. They were friendly enough people

Once aboard the Martha S. in the middle of the Columbia River

We approach the Keller dock. The stop sign gates are electric but everything else is completely manual and the deckhand will guide the ramp down by hand

N to SR 20, S to SR 174