State Route 21, SR 28 to US-2


MP: 55.94

Location: N 1st St and E Marjorie Ave, Odessa

Reassurance shield after SR 28

MP: 56.48

Location: SR 21 and May Ave, Lincoln Cty

Mileage sign/reassurance shield, common only in this part of Lincoln County- I wish they would employ them more often within the state but I’d bet they are more expensive

MP: 62.24

Location: SR 21 and Coffee Pot Rd, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield as we head through the middle of nowhere

MP: 72.31

Location: SR 21 and Eagle Springs Rd, Lincoln Cty

To say this is not an incredibly boring stretch of highway would be a lie

MP: 78.31

Location: SR 21 and Monson Rd, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield after SR 21 turns to the east

MP: 91.54

Location: Bruce Ave SW and Prince St, Wilbur

SR 21 enters Wilbur and comes to a junction with US-2

MP: 91.67

Location: SW Bruce Ave and S Front St, Wilbur

The roadway continues straight and SR 21 bears left, so this oddly angled sign helps to clarify that

MP: 91.78

Location: S Front St and W Main Ave, Wilbur

Junction US-2. Turn right for 2 east, left for 2 west to get TO 21. Technically SR 21 travels with US-2 west so that could read North 21 LEFT, but the mileposts are US-2′s so it’s somewhat logical.

N to US-2, S to I-90

E to SR 28, W to SR 21

W to SR 17, E to SR 23