State Route 25, US-395/SR 20 to US-2


Last Driven May 2018

MP: 81.04

Location: SR 25 and US 395, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield as SR 25 begins.

(Historic Photo: September 2008)

MP: 80.94

Location: SR 25 and W 3rd Ave, Stevens Cty

The old first reassurance shield was located a tenth of a mile later and lacked a directional barrier.

(Historic Photo: September 2008)

MP: 69.82

Location: SR 25, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield nowhere remotely near an intersection

MP: 67.84

Location: SR 25 and Rotter Rd, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles later.

MP: 61.52

Location: SR 25 and Daisy Mine Rd, Daisy, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass by the settlement of Daisy

MP: 57.84

Location: SR 25 and Addy-Gifford Rd, Stevens Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll pass by Gifford.

MP: 42.6

Location: SR 25 and Melin Rd, Hunters

And then we’ll enter the town of Hunters.

(HIstoric Photo: September 2008)

MP: 42.33

Location: SR 25 and Columbia River Rd, Hunters

SR 25 turns left to head out of the tiny town of Hunters

MP: 41.69

Location: SR 25 and Springdale-Hunters Rd, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield after passing the back road over to SR 231 and Springdale

MP: 37.71

Location: SR 25 and Fruitland Valley Rd, Fruitland, Stevens Cty

Welcome to Fruitland!

(Historic Photo: September 2008)

MP: 36.28

Location: SR 25 and Mudget Lake Rd, Stevens Cty

SR 25 bears right at Mudget Lake Rd

MP: 22.58

Location: SR 25 and Miles Rd, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield after Fort Spokane State Park

MP: .52

Location: SR 25 and US-2, Davenport

Junction US-2 coming up in half a mile as we enter the east edge of Davenport

MP: .3

Location: SR 25 and US 2, Davenport

Welcome to Davenport!

MP: 0

Location: SR 25 and US-2, Davenport

Turn left for 2 east, right for 2 west. Go through Davenport to get to SR 28, a major state route connecting the areas between US-2 and I-90

N to BC-6/BC International Boundary

E to SR 231, W to SR 28

N to SR 20, S to SR 20

E to US-395, W to US-395