U.S. Route 395, SR 231 to SR 20


MP: 202.51

Location: US-395 and SR 231, Stevens Cty

Another directionless reassurance shield after the intersection

MP: 208.06

Location: US-395 and Sand Canyon Rd, Chewelah

Reassurance shield as we enter the logging town of Chewelah

MP: 225.12

Location: US-395 and Old Arden Hwy, Arden, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield after an old alignment of 395 joins us as we pass by Arden

MP: 228.88

Location: S Main St and E Hawthorne Ave, Colville

Colville likes its roundabouts and we come up on one as we enter the town. Stay straight for US-395

MP: 228.96

Location: S Main St and E Hawthorne Ave, Colville

A reminder to stay straight for US-395 as we head out of the roundabout

MP: 228.98

Location: N Division St and E Hawthorne St, Colville

And a traditional reassurance shiled immediately after that

MP: 229

Location: S Main St and Glenn St, Colville

Junction SR 20 coming up. The crosswalk sign got the best of this one, but the shield is completely standard

MP: 229.63

Location: N Main St and E 3rd Ave, Colville

Turn right for SR 20 east. SR 20 west will join 395 north through Colville and Kettle Falls before splitting on the other side of the Columbia River

N to SR 25, S to SR 292

E to SR 31, W to SR 25

S to SR 292