State Route 305, SR 304/SR 519/Seattle Ferry Terminal to Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal


as this is a ferry route, there are no mileposts available, so just enjoy the photos.

For ferry information, it’s hard to beat this website, and I encourage you to use it for your ferry information needs. My journey this time took me on the M/V Tacoma, and here is that website’s page on said vessel.

The M/V Tacoma pulls away from the Colman Dock and downtown Seattle

A view of the Space Needle as we pull away

About  halfway through our journey we pass the M/V Wenatchee, headed back into Seattle from Bainbridge

We pull into the Bainbridge Terminal, right next to WSF’s Eagle Harbor maintenance facility.The retired M/V Klickitat is parked on this dock and the rest of the retired Steel Electrics are over on the left

The M/V Klickitat, once the poster child of Washington State Ferries, sits tied up, never to carry passengers again. She’s a beautiful vessel

The car ramp pulls down as we head off the ferry

The other steel electrics, permanently tied up. The back left is the M/V Quinault, center is the M/V Illahee, and in the back right is the M/V Nisqually, a ferry actually ridden as part of this project.

N to SR 307

W to Bremerton Ferry Terminal

S to I-90