U.S. Route 12, SR 6 to SR 508


Last Driven April 2015

(Historic Photo: September 2008)

MP: I-5/77.57

Location: I-5 and SR 6, Chehalis

Reassurance shield after SR 6. All hail the unisign!

MP: 76.31

Location: I-5 and 13th St, Chehalis

Reassurance shield after the 13th St interchange.

MP: 73.91

Location: I-5 and Labree Rd, Chehalis

Reassurance shield after Labree Rd as we head out of Chehalis.

MP: 72.43

Location: I-5 and Rush Rd, Lewis Cty

Reassurance shield after Rush Rd.

(Historic Photo: September 2008)

MP: I-5/72.13

Location: I-5 and Main Ave, Napavine

SR 508 will exit in 3/4 of a mile. SR 508 is fairly unimportant, connecting I-5 to Morton via Onalaska. US-12 will serve the same purpose three miles further south on the same route

(Historic Photo: September 2008)

MP: I-5/71.37

Location: I-5 and Main Ave, Napavine

Exit for SR 508

E to I-5, W to SR 507

N to SR 507, S to US-12

E to SR 7

W to US-101