State Route 17, SR 260 to SR 26


Last Driven May 2018

(Historic Photo: August 2008)

MP: 15.09

Location: SR 17 and SR 260, Franklin Cty

Reassurance shield after the SR 260 junction

MP: 20.31

Location: SR 17 and Booker Rd, Franklin Cty

Reassurance shield as we come up on the northern edge of Franklin County

(Historic Photo: August 2008)

MP: 27.48

Location: SR 17 and Bench Rd, Adams Cty

Junction SR 26 coming up. SR 26 is a major cross state highway that runs between US-12 and I-90. Taking 26 east runs to the US-395 expressway which heads up to Spokane. For whatever reason, WSDOT decided it wasn’t important to note that when they did their most recent sign replacement.

MP: 27.71

Location: SR 17 and SR 26, Othello

Taking SR 26 west across the southern boundary of Othello for a mile or so leads to the eastern terminus of SR 24, which heads to Yakima

(Historic Photo: August 2008)

MP: 27.93

Location: SR 17 and SR 26, Othello

As SR 17 and SR 26 both carry a substantial amount of traffic, a grade-separated diamond interchange was constructed at their intersection. Exit for SR 26

N to SR 170, S to US-395

W to SR 24, E to US-395

E to US-395