State Route 542, I-5 to SR 9


MP: 4.88

Location: Mt. Baker Hwy and Everson-Goshen Rd, Whatcom Cty

No reassurance shield for a long time until we get well out of Bellingham

MP: 8.94

Location: Mt. Baker Hwy and E Smith Rd, Whatcom Cty

Reassurance shield after a turnoff to a county park

MP: 9.59

Location: Mt. Baker Hwy and Lawrence Rd, Cedarville, Whatcom Cty

Junction SR 9 coming up. SR 9 north will head up to Sumas and Abbotsford BC via BC-11, SR 9 south will join SR 542 for a few miles and for some legislative reason (not a DOT decision) SR 542′s mileposts will be used

MP: 9.87

Location: Mt Baker Hwy and Lawrence St, Nugents Corner, Whatcom Cty

Turn left for SR 9 north, stay straight for SR 542 east/SR 9 south

E to SR 9

S to SR 542, N to SR 544

N to SR 539, S to SR 11