U.S. Route 2, SR 21 to SR 28


MP: 222.53

Location: Main Ave and Bell St, Wilbur

Reassurance shield as we head out of Wilbur. WIlbur is actually a pretty nice little town

MP: 230.58

Location: US-2 and F St, Creston

Reassurance shield as we exit the little town of Creston

MP: 250.26

Location: US-2 and Main St Rd, Davenport

Junction SR 28 coming up in half a mile. 28 west serves as a pretty important through route connecting all the towns between US-2 and I-90

MP: 250.75

Location: Morgan St and 12th St, Davenport

Turn right for SR 28 west as we enter Davenport

E to SR 25, W to SR 21

W to SR 23

N to US-2, S to SR 28