U.S. Route 2, SR 17 to SR 155


MP: 189.25

Location: US-2 and SR 17, Coulee City

Reassurance shield after SR 17 as we head into Coulee City

MP: 191.4

Location: US-2 and 2nd St, Coulee City

Reassurance shield within Coulee City. This is the only one with the “Coulee Corridor” subsignage

MP: 192.76

Location: US-2 and SR 155, Grant Cty

Junction SR 155 coming up. Washington is sort of weird with its control cities- Spokane is clearly the control city for US-2 but it’s listed on this SR 155 sign. This is because US-2 will turn off from this roadway. It’s still weird and confusing though

MP: 193.26

Location: US-2 and SR 155, Grant Cty

Straight for SR 155 north, right for US-2 east

E to SR 21, W to SR 17

N to SR 174

N to US-2, S to SR 28