U.S. Route 2, US-97 SPUR to SR 172



Location: US-2 and SR 97 Orondo Spur Rd, Orondo, Douglas Cty

Reassurance shield after the spur and the mainline and all that

MP: 149.55

Location: S Central Ave and W Locust St, Waterville

US-2 jogs like crazy through Waterville

MP: 149.65

Location: W Locust St and S Chelan Ave, Waterville

One more turn, we’re headed north now

MP: 149.73

Location; S Chelan Ave and E Poplar St, Waterville

US-2 will turn right here pretty soon

MP: 149.78

Location: S Chelan St and E Poplar St, Waterville

US-2 turns right to finally head out of Waterville

MP: 150.14

Location: E Poplar St and N Jefferson St, Waterville

Reassurance shield at the end of Waterville

MP: 162.83

Location: US-2 and Rd C NW, Douglas Cty

Junction SR 172 coming up. SR 172 serves no real purpose except to give Mansfield a state highway- and it’s doubtful whether Mansfield needs a state highway. I wouldn’t be shocked to see SR 172 decommissioned (at least the segment from Mansfield to US-2) with the next round of budget cuts

MP: 163.16

Location: US-2 and Rd C NW, Douglas Cty

Turn left for SR 172 which heads north a nd then hooks west

E to SR 17, W to US-97

E to SR 17

W to US-97