State Route 21, US-395 to I-90


MP: 26.68

Location: E 2nd Ave and I St, Lind

SR 21 enters Lind, the 4th largest of 5 incorporated communities along its 200 mile long route with a staggering population of 582

MP: 26.75

Location: I St and 1st Ave, Lind

SR 21 turns right on 1st Ave to make its way out of downtown Lind. Lind is best known as being the home of the Combine Demolition Derby

MP: 27.27

Location: 1st St and Wilbur Rd, Lind

Reassurance shield as we head out of Lind

MP: 29.66

Location: SR 21 and E Calloway Rd, Adams Cty

8 miles to junction I-90, 26 miles to Odessa

MP: 33.09

Location: SR 21 and Franz Rd, Adams Cty

Another reassurance shield

MP: 37.4

Location: SR 21 and I-90, Adams Cty

Junction Interstate 90 coming up in a quarter miile

MP: 37.69

Location: SR 21 and I-90, Adams cty

Turn right for I-90 east

MP: 37.82

Location: SR 21 and I-90, Adams Cty

Turn left for I-90 west

N to SR 28, S to SR 26

E to US-395, W to SR 17

N to I-90, S to SR 26