State Route 21, SR 260 to SR 26


MP: .04

Location: Violet Ave and SR 260, Kahlotus

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the most useless long haul route in the state

MP: .37

Location: SR 21 and Barr Rd, Franklin Cty

You know your highway is useless when 2/3 of the mileages are to other highways

MP: 11.15

Location: SR 21 and SR 26, Franklin Cty

Junction SR 26 coming up, a major east-west route from Clarkston/Pullman to Seattle via I-90 and US-195

MP: 11.64

Location: SR 21 and SR 26, Adams Cty

Turn right for 26 west, left for 26 east

N to US-395

W to US-395, E to SR 260/SR 261

E to SR 263, W to US-395