State Route 225, SR 240 to SR 224


MP: 11.28

Location: Horn Rd and SR 240, Benton Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of SR 225

MP: 1.86

Location: Horn Rd and Grace St, Benton City

Reassurance shield as we enter Benton City, a small peaceful suburb of the Tri-Cities

MP: 1.02

Location: 9th St and Babs Ave, Benton City

SR 225 turns east onto Babs Ave to head out of Benton City

MP: .13

Location: 1st St and E Kennedy Rd, Benton City

As we cross the bridge we will come to a junction with SR 224

MP: .01

Location: 1st St and Kennedy Rd, Benton City

Turn left for SR 224 East through West Richland, or stay straight for SR 224 west which heads to the interstate which you can see in the background

W to I-82/US-12, E to SR 240

E to SR 224, W to SR 24