State Route 27, SR 271 to SR 272


MP: 36.72

Location: 1st St and Tekoa-Oakesdale Rd, Oakesdale

Reassurance shield as we enter Oakesdale

MP: 36.38

Location: 1st St and Steptoe Ave, Oakesdale

SR 27 turns east in downtown Oakesdale

MP: 36.3

Location: Steptoe Ave and S Front St, Oakesdale

SR 27 turns south as we head of Oakesdale

MP: 35.68

Location: SR 27 and Hume Rd, Whitman Cty

Bear left for SR 27

MP: 24.37

Location: 4th St and E Main St, Garfield

No directional! Crazy! Anyway, as we head out of downtown Garfield turn left on E Main from 4th

MP: 15.47

Location: N Division St and W Church St, Palouse

Junction SR 272 coming up in 1000 feet. 272 west will head straight west to Colfax and US-195. 272 east will concur with SR 27 through Colfax until splitting off for Idaho

MP: 15.36

Location; N Division St and W Church St, Palouse

SR 272 west turns, SR 272 east will join SR 27

S to SR 272, N to SR 274

W to US-195, E to SR 27

N to US-195