State Route 27, SR 278 to SR 274


MP: 68.92

Location: Railroad St and W Emma St, Rockford

Reassurance shield after the SR 278 turnoff as we head out of Rockford

MP: 63.16

Location: SR 27 and E Traglio Rd, Fairfield

Reassurance shield as we pass the town of Fairfield

MP: 55.18

Location: W Market St and Melvin St, Latah

As we enter Latah we have to turn right to head south out of town

MP: 55.05

Location: SR 27 and Marsh St, Latah

SR 27 turns left to head west out of Latah

MP: 54.98

Location: SR 27 and S Marsh Rd, Spokane Cty

Reassurance shield as we get out of Latah

MP: 48.76

Location: Poplar St and Sherman St, Tekoa

As we enter Tekoa we come up on a junction with SR 274. SR 274′s only “control city” is TO (Idaho) US-95 which makes it the only highway in the state I know of in which the only “control city” is simply another highway. Idaho’s US-95 is the main north-south highway in this region

MP: 48.53

Location: Poplar St and Crosby St, Tekoa

Stay straight for 274 east to US-95 via Idaho 60, turn right for SR 27 south

S to SR 271, N to I-90

E to ID-60/ID State Line

W to ID-58/ID State Line