State Route 274, SR 27 to ID-60/ID State Line


MP: .04

Location: Poplar St and Crosby St, Tekoa

Directionless reassurance shield pointing us to US-95. The bottom bolt is in an unfortunate location on the TO US-95 sign which makes it look like there’s no tip on the bottom of the shield

MP: 1.87

Location: SR 274 and Lovell Valley Rd, Whitman Cty

Bear right to stay heading towards Idaho’s US-95 via what will within feet become Idaho 60

MP: 1.92

Location: SR 274 and S Idaho Rd, Whitman Cty

SR 274 continues into Idaho as Idaho 60, which runs for 4 or 5 miles to US 95

E to US-95

S to SR 271, N to SR 278