State Route 278, SR 27 to ID-58/ID State Line


MP: .06

Location: W Emma St and Railroad St, Rockford

Rare directionless reassurance shield for SR 278 after the SR 27 turnoff as we had into downtown Rockford

MP: .5

Location: W Emma St and S 1st St, Rockford

SR 278 turns right to head out of Rockford. This sign is unique in that it is the only one to my knowledge which uses a state as a control city in this state. Lots of places do it but in Washington I know of no other sign. SR 278 heads to Idaho’s US-95 (via Idaho 58)

MP: 5.5

Location: Hoxie Rd and S Idaho Rd, Whitman Cty

SR 278 continues into Idaho as Idaho SH 58 which heads two miles or so to US-95

E to US-95

S to SR 274, N to I-90