State Route 260, SR 261 to SR 26/SR 261


MP: 33.11

Location: SR 260 and SR 261, Franklin Cty

Reassurance shield omitting SR 261. This is unfortunate as this is a “useless multiplex” because SR 260 will come to an end at the junction with SR 26 (but SR 261 will continue north), so SR 260 is not even going to be on any new roadway. When SR 261 was first commissioned the intent was to build a bypass that would have gone east of Washtucna and this was supposed to just be a temporary alignment, but that was 40 years ago and it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen. So this should be signed as 261

MP: 39.24

Location: NE Main St and Canal St, Washtucna

Junction SR 26 coming up in (less than) a quarter mile

MP: 39.49

Location: NE Main St and SR 26, Washtucna

SR 260 comes to an end. Stay straight for SR 261, turn right or left for SR 26

W to SR 263

S to US-12, N to I-90/US-395

W to SR 21, E to SR 127

S to SR 260, N to I-90/US-395

S to US-12, N to SR 26/SR 260