State Route 260, US-395 to SR 21


MP: 7.88

Location: SR 260 and Garfield Rd, Franklin Cty

Reassurance shield after the US-395 junction and then another minor intersection

MP: 24.22

Location: SR 260 and N Violet Ave, Kahlotus

SR 21 coming up in 1/2 a mile. SR 21 wins the award by a lot for most useless:distance within the state. It goes from here clear to Canada without passing through anything siginificant-the giant town of Odessa, population 957, then Republic population 954, then Lind population 582 being the three largest cities it passes through. Unlike SR 17 it doesn’t even serve as any real useful local corridor (Odessa->Lind is really the only reasonable one)

MP: 24.71

Location: SR 260 and Violet Ave, Kahlotus

Turn left for SR 21 north to absofuckinglutely nowhere (I’m just bitter I have to drive this thing because it has no reason to exist and doesn’t pass over particularly interesting terrain)

E to SR 263, W to SR 17

N to SR 26

N to SR 26, S to SR 17