State Route 506, I-5 to Ryderwood


MP: 11.44

Location: SR 506 and I-5, Lewis Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route. SR 506 is running along the old Pacific Hwy here. This part of SR 506 is unsigned off the freeway, signed only as “Toledo-Vader Rd”and SR 506 traffic is directed to exit a little bit south of here

MP: 9.9

Location: SR 506 and Cowlitz Loop Rd, Lewis Cty

We come up on a pseudo-junction with I-5- although there is not really a direct state highway to state highway connection here. This is where SR 506 traffic is directed to exit off of I-5 however. Turn left for I-5 south.

MP: 9.85

Location: SR 506 and Frontage Rd, Lewis Cty

Turn left to loop under the interstate, pass a couple of gas stations, and then get to I-5 north

MP: 6.83

Location: SR 506 and S Military Rd, Lewis Cty

Reassurance shield after what used to be the northern terminus of SR 411

MP: 5.67

Location: SR 506 and Winlock-Vader Rd, Vader

Reassurance shield after passing through the town of Vader

MP: .01

Location: Morse St and 2nd St, Ryderwood

Welcome to Ryderwood! Ryderwood touts itself as the northwest’s oldest 55+ community- where every single person is over the age of 55. There were a lot of seniors out and about…when I turned around here I had to wait for some dude to jaywalk across the street…he was using a walker.

N to SR 505, S to SR 411/SR 504