State Route 821, SR 823 to I-82/US-97


MP: .31

Location: SR 821 and Harrison Ave, Selah

Reassurance shield after the SR 823 junction. SR 821 will go clear up near Ellensburg at the base of a canyon. I-82/US-97 will run parallel except go over the Manastash Ridges. This is a much prettier drive. The speed limit is 45 the entire way to eliminate through traffic but the average speed was about 60. Through commerical traffic is banned except in the winter when some truckers prefer to do this instead of go over the mountains

MP: 24.54

Location: Canyon Rd and Thrall Rd, Kittitas Cty

Staying straight on Canyon Rd/Old US-97 takes you into downtown Ellensburg and eventually connects to I-90/US-97. There should be a TO I-90 WEST straight ahead trailblazer here but alas ther eis not. Turn right to get onto I-82

MP: 25.06

Location: Thrall Rd and I-82, Kittitas Cty

Turn left for I-82 eastbound

MP: 25.2

Location: Thrall Rd and I-82, Kittitas Cty

Turn left for I-82 west. It’s odd- normally in Washington you’d expect that just to be signed as TO I-90 or I-82 TO I-90 given that I-82 has less then a mile left on it

MP: 25.21

Location: Thrall Rd and I-82, Ellensburg

SR 821 ends at the turn  onto I-82 west

S to I-82/US-97

E to SR 821, W to I-90/US-97

N to I-82/I-90, S to SR 821

S to I-82/US-97