State Route 821, I-82/US-97 to SR 823


MP: .06

Location: Firing Center Rd and I-82, Selah

SR 821 begins at I-82 just northeast of Selah

MP: .17

Location: SR 821 and Harrison Rd, Selah

Junction SR 823 coming up immediately after the freeway. SR 823 serves functionally as a business route through Selah encompassing an older alignment of US-97. SR 821 will pick up said alignment north of this junction

MP: .24

Location; SR 821 and Harrison Rd, Selah

Turn left for SR 823 south, which heads through Selah. SR 823 is notable in that it is one of the only state routes in Washington whose maintenance is not generally funded by the state

N to I-82/US-97

S to I-82/US-97

E to SR 823, W to SR 821

N to SR 821, S to SR 823