State Route 123, SR 410 to US-12


MP: 16.28

Location: SR 410 and SR 123, Pierce Cty

Reassurance shield with no directional at the beginning of the route. SR 123 is a pretty drive but it was foggy when I took it so I didn’t get the full experience

MP: 5.52

Location: SR 123 and Stevens Canyon Rd, Lewis Cty

Follow Stevens Canyon Rd (the “Road to Paradise”) to get to SR 706 near Ashford

MP: 3.6

Location: SR 123 at the Ohanapecosh Campground

Reassurance shield after the turnoff from a campground. We are almost out of the park

MP: 0B

Location: SR 123 and US-12, Lewis Cty

Junction US-12, turn left to head over White Pass to Yakima, or right to get back to I-5 and Seattle

E to SR 410, W to SR 131

W to SR 164, E to US-12